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Manna Pro® cares about your horse's nutrition. Our family of products has earned its reputation by using only the finest quality ingredients from the very beginning. Over the years, we have steadfastly refused to substitute lesser ingredients to lower costs, ensuring the quality and consistency horse owners have come to expect in every bag.

Manna Pro realizes that no two horses are alike. As a horse owner, you need a feeding program that allows you to adjust each horse's diet based on their individual needs. That is why we offer a diverse line of performance feeds and supplements that will help you meet the nutritional needs of every horse in your stable.


Safe Performance Low Starch Horse Feed®

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Low Starch, High Fat…Safe

If your horse is prone to metabolic disorders related to high starch intake, Manna Pro Safe Performance is a simple way to ease your feeding concerns. 

Manna Pro Safe Performance is recommended by veterinarians, so you can feed it with confidence and know that your horse will get the calories he needs without high starch grains or molasses, for a ration that is highly digestible, high in fat, and provides safe, concentrated energy.

  1. High in Fat for Safe, Concentrated Energy

  2. For Horses Prone to Problems Related to High Starch Intake

  3. No Corn

  4. No Molasses


Performance XL™

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For the Equine Athlete

Shine in the Show Ring with Performance XL™
You and your horse have spent countless hours practicing in the arena.  You know your test, you’ve got your pattern down, you feel prepared.  Your boots are polished, your tack is clean, and your new show outfit just arrived.  There’s only one more thing to do: feed your horse to win.  Performance XL will give you the extra competitive edge you need to shine in the show ring.  Manna Pro’s proprietary Sport Horse Nutrition Formula was designed with the equine athlete in mind.

Performance XL offers several benefits for your hard-working horse:

  1. Made with Calf-Manna®.  Provides high-quality protein for muscle development

  2. Made with Max-E-Glo® Stabilized Rice Bran.  Provides extra fuel and energy for hard-working horses

  3. Contains 8% Fat.  High fat content increases the dietary energy density, decreasing the amount of feed required.

  4. Enriched with Yeast Culture & Probiotics.  Key ingredients included for optimal digestion and to enhance the palatability of the feed

  1. Nutritional Information & Feeding Directions

Special Care for Your Life-Long Friend.

Manna Pro’s Manna Senior® has been part of your community for generations, helping to care for the special needs of older horses.  Our senior companions have given so much to us and they deserve the best care in their golden years.  Manna Senior is specially formulated to give them the nutrition they need with enhanced palatability to keep them eating regularly.  That’s why Manna Senior is the preferred choice in senior feed for so many owners.

Manna Senior provides the nutrition senior horses need:

Calf-Manna® provides high quality protein and helps keep your senior horse on feed.

Protected Minerals provide bioavailable copper, manganese, and zinc to help reduce stress and contribute to overall health.

Manna E® our blend of yeast, probiotics, and enzymes helps your senior horse with digestion of their whole diet.

Built-in Fiber including beet pulp, provides complex carbohydrates, a great fuel for older horses.

Vegetable Oils are an excellent source of calories and essential fatty acids, helping to assure a shiny, slick coat.

Biotin, Methonine, and Zinc  are key nutrtients that help assure sound overall hoof health in senior horses

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant supplement for senior horses, so plasma levels remain high.

Diamoind V® Yeast Culture increases digestibility of the ration and improves palatability.



Leading Edge®

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For Professionals or Multi-Horse Operations

Leading Edge® was designed for multi-horse operations, as the ideal product to feed to different types of horses in different stages of development. Leading Edge provides convenience and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of the horses in your barn are having their nutritional requirements met.

Leading Edge offers:

  1. Convenience. Ideal formula for growing horses, young performance horses, lactating mares, and breeding stallions, so the same product can be fed to your entire stable.

  2. Muscle Development. Contains high-quality proteins and supplemental amino acids to support muscle development.

  3. Vegetable Oils. Excellent source of calories and essential fatty acids. Vegetable oils enhance body condition and support a shiny, slick coat.

  4. Vitamin & Mineral Fortification. Critical for growth and development, reproduction and overall health.

  5. Palatability. Highly palatable formula, ensuring horses will readily consume Leading Edge.


Sweet 10®

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For Active Pleasure Horses

Your horse is a member of your family, and you want the best for him.  You trailride on weekends, and attend the occasional show, but most of all you enjoy the time you spend at the barn with your trusted friend.  He deserves the best, and Manna Pro horse feeds will provide just that.

Sweet 10® was developed for the active pleasure horse and provides:

  1. 10% Protein.  Ideal for active pleasure horses, gestating mares, and off-season stallions.

  2. Vegetable Oils.  Excellent source of calories and essential fatty acids.  Vegetable oils enhance body condition and support a shiny, slick coat.

  3. Vitamin & Mineral Fortification.  Critical for overall health.



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For Horses in Need of Additional Hay

If you are looking for a quality complete feed or a way to extend your hay supply, then Manna Pro has the answer.  Round-Up® was formulated for horses that need extra fiber in their diets, to be used in times when hay is in short supply, or when hay quality is poor.

Round-Up provides:

  1. Convenience.  All of the forage, grain, vitamins, and minerals your horse needs in one convenient pellet.

  2. High Fiber Level.  Alfalfa-based pellet ideal for adding supplemental forage to your horse’s diet.

  3. Vitamin & Mineral Fortification.  Critical for overall health.


Manna Pro Joins Forces with Sweet PDZ!

Sweet PDZ is the number one selling brand in the Stall Refresher/Odor Neutralizer category, and joins Manna Pro’s portfolio of premium quality equine health products. Find Sweet PDZ’s complete line of stall refresher products wherever Manna Pro products are sold.